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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers. Check out some of Zolatone's most frequently asked questions. If you still didn't find what you were looking for feel free to give us a ring at: 1.800.765.6699 or email us at

Why should I use Zolatone instead of regular paints?

With Zolatone paints you get more of everything. You'll get more dimension and more texture and patina than you would with a regular paint. But that's not all, you'll also get a longer lasting and more durable finish that holds up to the wear and tear in high traffic areas.

How quickly can you send us samples?

Order today and they will be in your mailbox tomorrow. Stock samples will be in your mailbox the next day but we need a bit more time to get your custom colors just right. Usually just three to five business days.

Are all the finishes spray applied? Do you need special training? Is it complicated?

Nope. Great question though. Lluminations, Metal and Polomyx are all spray applied with conventional equipment. Counterpointe and Polomyx Airless are both applied with airless spray equipment. Flex, our newest finish, is roller applied.

Our Painters tell us it can't be touched up, can it?

Yes it can! We don't blame your painters for not knowing this, a paint this awesome is hard to fully understand. There are various ways to touch up our finishes. Check out our videos and resources to learn more about which way is right for you, or call our customer service team.

What colors are available for each finish?

There are an unlimited amount of colors available for our finishes, but if you really want a number we would say it's around a bazillion.

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